Monday, July 23


I'm afraid of this newfound numbness
It brings upon this fearlessness
the one that allows me to prematurely accept losing meaningful relationships
I've become rather hasty in that department
To disregard another's worth, because I won't accept mine
My intent is not to make you feel unwanted
from, what would seem like, pride, but is really indicative of self-loathing
and self-harm
It shouldn't be this easy to want to feel alone
Years of investments replaced with "okay" and "fine"
Since when did everyone and everything become a depreciating commodity?
I wonder if there are tax exemptions to write off my losses
because they seem to be accumulating
which should put me in a lower tax bracket
almost to the point of homelessness
burning bridges to a remote island
leaving everything unavailable to me
Just a foreword,
Don't take a page out of my book
My cover is blown
My spine has scoliosis
and I'm caught in a bind
of forfeiting my library of memories
at the hands of depression
I want to turn this around and rebuild
but I'm afraid that the resources that I've once gather
have already abandoned me
and I'll soon have to be "okay" and "fine" with that
on my remote island.