Thursday, September 14

Her and Her Infinite; Well Done

I had a dream last night, the first of many. On the way home, I said to someone, I'm headed  home to see my moms. The person was mumbling something, but I left, out of excitement, before I could hear what was said. I got home and realized something, she isn't going to be waiting at home for me anymore. If you haven't heard, my moms passed away in the early morning of August 31st, 2017. I had a feeling her days were numbered, and I'd wake up every few hours just to hear her breathing. Well, around 4:15 am, the room was dead silent. She had gone. Now, me not being very religious, I thank the Lord for the forewarning and bestowing the strength upon me to be strong, now and times to come. It's been a rough couple weeks, but I made it though with the support from family and friends and faith. I won't make this long; I'll just leave some things that I had written for my moms during that time period. First will be the obituary; then, the eulogy that I addressed; and finally the poem I wrote. That should be enough for now, as I'm sure there will be more to come. You get my sentiments.

Le Thi Tran, age 50, was returned to God peacefully in the early morning of Thursday, August 31, 2017. She was born August 15, 1967 in Bến Đá, Vietnam to Khanh Kim and Sen Pham. During her earlier years, she went by Missy and was known as goofy, playful, and smart. In 1986, she graduated from Assumption High School. Bing Tran and Le Thi Kim were wedded shortly after on November 22nd 1986. After completing her bachelor’s degree in accounting from Winthrop University, she received her master’s degree from Phoenix University. Although her occupational profession was an accountant and bookkeeper, she was essentially a servant and vessel of God. Well involved in the Catholic Church, she became a catechism teacher, Eucharist Minister, and prayer service member. She is survived by her parents; husband; her siblings, Thoa, Lan, Thanh, Thuy, and Jimmy; and her three children, Tiffany, Travis, and Taylor. She was devoted to and cultivated everything beautiful, especially loving to cook, bake, and garden. Her soul is as beautiful as the flowers she grew and nourishing as food she made. At one time or another, she wanted to open her own bakery or child daycare center. She was considered by all as a very a kind, happy, and gentle woman. Throughout her life, she serviced others through prayer and good deeds until ultimately offering her Earthly body to the Lord.  Her last verbal request was to be reunited with Jesus Christ her savior, to which she has. 

Dear Mommy,
 I love you. I’m having to write this sooner than I would like to, and also under the circumstance that letters like these are never truly finish. But we work on God’s time, and you would agree that he’d have it perfectly placed here. I quit questioning why God needed you more than I or anyone else on Earth, and started imagining things from the beginning. I try to imagine how big God’s smile must have been the moment he selected you to be in our lives. I imagine trumpets, violins, and pianos just strumming in the same harmony as you left us in. Even now, the questions I want to ask God are about you, and they seem never-ending. Like, how did he make you so disproportionate? How did God give you such an over-sized heart to fit in such a small world? How is it that you were able to convince God to let us borrow you for 50 years here on Earth? All I know, is sometimes we receive these divine blessings we didn’t have to pray for, and such is you. I heard this example once and thought of you, so I’d like to add to it. It’s about a bridge. So, as I am driving on the road called life and the rain is just pouring and pouring and my windshield wipers seem to not go any faster. And there is this upcoming bridge that runs just above the road that I’m traveling on. So, for a split second or so while passing under the bridge, there’s no more hard rain, no more thunderous noises and everything becomes clear and peaceful. That’s was you, you are my bridge. And sometimes when the storms got really bad, that same bridge started to feel more like a tunnel. I can’t thank you enough for sheltering me from the rain, and I don’t mean to be rude and just talk about just me, because I know you were the bridge to many people. There are so many thing that we didn’t have to sacrifice because you sacrificed it. We’ll never know how much you quietly prayed for us, but you’ll never know how easy you made it for us. How easy you made it to want to help and love one another. How undemanding but effective you were getting us to understanding God and keeping the faith. How easy it is, to write something so beautiful when the example, inspiration, and the subject matter seems from you about you. I’ve always been about you. We’ve always been about you. Up until yesterday, I’ve never felt so much love from so many people. All of that comes from you. It felt like the returning love that you shared with each and every one was coming back to me, our family, our friends, and those in need. You made the Earth just a little more gentle and so much easier to live in. You never tried to stand out or be unforgettable, you just did and you just are. Remember I told you that your cancer only gave us a chance at a longer farewell. Well, I’ve been thinking that you left earlier than expected so later it’ll be a sweeter hello. So that when each of us greets you again, we’ll hug just a little longer, kiss just a little more firmly, and smile just a little bit wider. You have a great place in the hearts of great people. I remember asking you why you chose to write well done on paperwork. You replied, “Because, everything you do, you have to make sure that it is well done.” Mom, I don’t know if you know, if God told you yet, but he left me a note. The day that you ascended into Heaven, as we gathered our things, I saw this little note at the foot of her bed. It read, “Well done, God and Faithful Servant.” You didn’t write it, because it wasn’t in your handwriting. It was God, leaving a message letting me know, what I already knew, that your life on Earth was well done. On behalf of the faces in this crowd, from the students, family members and friends of my mother, we would all like to say to you Thank you, Thank you for being our bridge. Well done, Le Tran, Good and Faithful Servant, Well Done.
 Lub lub,
 Travy help

Her and Her Infinite
Her love yields fragrant lilies.
Her movements as graceful as butterflies
Rooted in faith, she labors
Unwavering and unwearyingly, always orchestrating His works
Gentle and kind
Her soul radiates the same way sunlight breaks between gaps in clouds
Tender as a rose petal
A voice comforting as so a breeze on a warm night
Oh, poised dove returning home
Never lost, never gone
Ever present
Together with her and her infinite