Tuesday, January 31


Shits heavy yo.

I wish my moms could drive again
meaning she could go wherever she wanted
meaning she could take me with her
meaning we could go on adventures
meaning we would explore
meaning she could point things out
meaning she could still teach me
meaning I could be like her one day
meaning I could be the best
meaning I'd be invinceable
meaning she still supporting me
meaning she would be in good health
meaning I could believe again
meaning I wouldn't stop praying
meaning the church could perform its services
meaing she could walk me down the isle
meaning she could babysit my children
meaning my children would be raised properly
meaning they'd meet my favorite person
meaning I'd be happiest
meaning I could rest assure
meaning I could sleep at night
meaning my nightmare would stop haunting me
meaning I would stop worrying
meaning I could stop crying
meaning we could live and let live
meaninh we'd keep moving forward
meaning we could get to our destination
but she's always been my drive

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