Sunday, November 27

R.E.M. - Random Erratic Messages

Do you ever have those dreams where you're running around trying to accomplish something important? It's probably something really, really simple, but somehow seems to be in the realm of impossibility. For example, your moms tell you to take out the trash, and you're sought out to do so. You start your journey to the kitchen and on the way dumpster outside. You've done this choir close to a million times. For some reason you have that uneasy feeling, especially once you see the inexplicably long driveway. It's so long you start to get distracted picking flowers, checking out the hot neighbor, and trying to distinguish the type of automobile that is hastily approaching you. In your dreams, you start to fill your head with things you've been wanting to do. You'd probably end up at a soiree the hot neighbor you were checking out earlier is throwing, who just happened to invite your crush and your ex. Now, you're in this sticky, premeditated situation that gets your heart racing and don't know how you got there. Willingly, up the walkway you go, long but not out of reach, not like before. You look at what you're wearing, is your hair cooperating today, and what's the nature of your breathe. Bam, the neighbor opens the door and behind her are your former and your forthcoming. This is awkward, but not as awkward is them seeing that you have trash bag still in your hand from hours earlier. In walks your anxiety. You want to stay and ditch the trash bag, but know it's the right thing to go back that elongated driveway helplessly. Maybe you'll have time to return to the party before it's over, but time seems ungraspable (made that word up). Now, you're running for your life and everything small seems quick, blurry, and unimportant. You get the dumpster, and who is there? It's none other than your mother, who is so disappointed and livid at this point. You try to plead for forgiveness, and eventually ask her why she was outside at that time a night. She replies that she had just finished taking out the trash that you hadn't earlier. You argue that the trash is still in your possession and as your raise up your arm, no trash bag in sight. Dumbfounding. Now I didn't have this exact dream, but this happens to me quite often. The type of dream when I'm set out to do something, get distracted, find something else to do, remember what I was initially doing, and then come back to it just to find out someone else had already done it. Then, the guilt sets in and by this time you've probably awoken feeling like worthless and unaccomplished. Often. You wake up and wonder if it's one of those dreams has a subliminal meaning in reality. I start to look for clues and correlation to my incompetency. Was that life's actuality? When I woke up today, I knew I was going to write this blog. Does everything before now seem a bit blurry, rushed and unimportant? Maybe. But, I finished this post after writing one just yesterday, and I somewhat feel competent and accomplished. I was just trying to decipher a dream's random erratic message. Maybe the dream was just trash and I've just taken it out by making use of it by writing something that may mean something to someone somewhere. Probably not. Sorry that you have to hear about a make believe dream about taking out the trash filled with frivolity and self-esteem issues. Hey, maybe you have those types of dreams too. Oh, and just for the record, I hate those dreams.

Saturday, November 26

Ode to Woody Allen

Dear Mr. Woody Allen,

I am sure that this will never get to you, but I'm just going to leave it here. Thank you. I just watched my 16th movie directed by you. That doesn't even account for a third of your movies. After going over your filmography, I realize that I haven't even touched anything in the '90's, having watched from one of your most recent, "Irrational Man (2015)," to one of your firsts, "Sleeper (1973)." Although titled "Sleeper," I would call it anything but that. Thank you for consistently putting out more and more movies. Some would say you lost it, but I've enjoyed every single one. If you were to ever let critics get to you, which I'm sure you haven't, you wouldn't have put out "Midnight in Paris". That is were I found you and my affinity towards you in 2011. That is how I found "Manhattan," then "Annie Hall,' and then, "Hannah and Her Sisters." If you were to calculate, I would have watched over 2 movies per year for the past 6 years. That makes you my most watched director. The mastery within film and uncompromising scripts makes it my viewing experience easy and enjoyable. Your works are ageless, and you are still one of the most sought after director to work with, even after 50 years in the business. In comparison, you would be the Jay-Z of the film business. I could shower you with compliments about how you're the wittiest script writer of our time, but that would just establish your dominance in the same way the statue of you in Spain does. Please keep using Jesse Eisenberg and Emma Stone, and maybe even bring back Diane Lane and yourself. At this rate, I will have had to watch your movies for the next 20 years just to keep up with you. I do tell you this though, that is a feat that I am up for the challenge. Here's to the next decades of your enjoying your movies.

Yours truly,

Travis Tran