Tuesday, October 18

A.M. Delirium

I started writing about 3/4ish A.M. last night. It made more sense at the time I was writing it. Lol. Kind of reminds me of the old me. I'm talking back in 2002-2005 me. My writings were more ambiguous than this, and everything just rhymed oddly. I don't know what this means, but at least I posted something. Maybe, it means a lot. I don't know. It's 3 A.M. again, and I'll just leave it here. 

I've always rooted for the underdog
So I never sang a swan song
Never grew old or gone home
Never grew tired, frowned, or yawned long
If anything ever gone wrong, I fixed it and just gone on
I should have finished this a long time ago
Projected that there's a time to go
Instead I tried to make it look respectable
Shouldn't have attempted to perfect it,
Should have left it and leisurely left with control
I'm not a fighter anymore
The light inside doesn't ignite anymore
I won't walk as far for a folklore, no, not especially yours
Furthermore take it any further anymore
I'm not going to save a lost this time
Not going to say what's given again
Giving up first means I win, I gain
I gave, a long shot a few shots and thought I lose not what's mine
By any means
It's yours now, you cherish it
You carry it around, my hardship
Either burn it with ether or wear it as an embellishment
'Cause I'm already bound with the embarrassment
Of holding on too long
To somethings assumed gone
So I say no more soon, no more moons
no more muse, go on move
There's no more room for a new ruse
Now proved anew that I knew you
A couple bruised 
Sort of
Scored it a lose lose
No sighs or sorrow
less fights and quarrels
best wishes, sayonara,
goodbye tomorrow
I do know what this might mean that
This isn't a good note, this is a footnote
this is a denote on a loose leave