Thursday, June 30

What they call it?

For weeks, I've been working on posts. Today, I wrote this in a few hours and decided to post it. It's just an exercise of rhyming words that normally wouldn't. It only works with my heavy accent and drunken stammer; do not try to replicate, because the words may not rhyme. I went from the letter "A" to "T" because, well, my name sort of starts with a "T". Plus, the rest of the alphabets can go fcuk themselves. "I was pretty popular in my day.  Was friends with 25 letters in the alphabet. I don't know why!" - One-Liner Comedian.  

What they call justice, I call it abusive
What they call magnificent, I call it brunette
What they call impossible, I call it conducive
When they call apparent, I call it delusion
What they call hyper, I call it exuberance
What they call foreign, I call it fluent
What they call reckless, I call it gallant
What they call relentless, I call it hellbent
What they call trained, I call it intrinsic
What they call fruitful, I call it juices
What they call strange love, I call it Kubrick
What they call frivolous, I call it lucid
What they call noise, I call it music
What they call fun, I call it nuisance
What they call influence, I call it obtrusive
What they call scary, I call it prudence
What they call complacent, I call it queueing
What they call edited, I call it ruined
What they call muses, I call it stooges
What they call heartbreak, I call it Tuesdays.

Post Script: I can guess the news, and I'm sorry. They should have taken you back, because I would have. They're just going by numbers, as they should, but that doesn't measure your awesomeness. It'll get better. Believe. Faith.