Saturday, July 25

The Impersonator

Do you know there's someone out there copying your hairstyle, carrying the same figure and mimicking your walk?
Someone is as graceful as you are, turns as many head as you can.
Some people have as much rhythm and even dance like you do.
Your same excitement and talent fill up this very room.
Somewhere compliments are being thrown around matching your characteristics.
Someone is playing the imitation game with your description.
Right now, there's a mockery of pretend laughs and flirty name calling going on.
Someone wrote about someone, and you fit the latter.
There's an article I read recently that I swore you wrote it.
Today, I heard a song you could've sang.
This pillow sure feels like you.
Somehow I saw your same face in every color, every race.
There aren't enough dressing rooms for fitting your profile
When I remember every facet about you,  I see you in everyone.