Thursday, June 18

Imaginary Friend

I know someone or used to know someone
Does that mean that I now only know "of" someone?
Does unknowing someone make them unknown?
I mean, we used to go everywhere and do everything together
Even then, not many people knew that I had you in my back pocket
I woke up with you; I fell asleep with you
We shared our dreams, our likes, our appreciation for, but lack of talents
They only know what I tell them about you
People never saw you talking to me; they didn't know that I talked to you
They never heard the conversations or saw us share a shadow
Walking around alone, when I wasn't, was the best
I knew you were there; you occupied my head
When you came back, we didn't miss a beat
I know every aspect about you, like how you smile, where you hide and things you wish everyone knew, but somehow only I knew
My invisible friend, it was a stardust fantasy
When something so unreal feels surreal
But I couldn't have invented this companionship
It would be way too convoluted for such complex characters
However, we had so many similarities
So many similarities that you'd think I'd made you up somehow
Somehow, I think I did
I had to have
I just had to have!
'Cause I never see you anymore, even in my dreams
If I never see you anymore, are you really there?
Can I support you if I never say anything?
If I feel you without touching you, are you still real?
If we were meant to be without being, I'd only be a being without meaning
Real or imaginary, I know someone
So, when it's all said and done
I'm coming back for you...