Tuesday, February 3

Happiness Per Suit

I believe that our approach has been wrong all along. We're all asking and yearning for the same thing. Maybe, there is not any steps or feats that need be taken specifically. What if the pursuit itself is it? I urge you to reconsider what we call happiness. Happiness isn't a state, but a phase we go though. It is the same as going though depression and anger. This means that there are spurts of happiness in our lives, meaning that we may or may not end up happy ultimately. Honestly, after accomplishing all your career goals and obtaining all your wants and needs, will you be happy then? Maybe we pursuit happiness to better ourselves and not for the sake of happiness itself. It should suit me, not the other way around. What happens when you become, this so called, happy? Are you just going to be jolly ole happy all the time? I don't want to seem like a pessimist, but I like to get sad and mad every once and awhile. I want to feel like I'm still living. I can't do that being happy all the time; that's stagnant. Shout out to the little spurts of happiness; shout out to all the big spurts of discontentment; and shout out to all the spurts of life. Just want to get this little piece of blog in since I've only blogged like a handful of times last year.