Monday, September 1

Forever a Builder

It has come to my attention that I have only written once this whole year in here. So, I'm going to just spazz whatever comes to mind. Randomness at its greatness.

I am forever a builder
I build bridges to burn them
take the ashes to flourish fruitful flowers
like the dandelion is used to build wishes by blowing them
only to have more wishes for buildings
like how skyscrapers make skylines filled with rusted pipe dreams
with the right scenes you could shape reality
But in actuality the buildings don't stop, like city lights never mattered
Science says everything is matter, so I matter and you matter
I built fat, I built mass, so much I'm glad someone built belts, in fact, for my built ass
we build, we create, and what is not finished is passed on
meaning building is constant
You build your career, your education, your memories
only to pass away and pass on
till you make another passage in a book that doesn't stop
like the never-ending story
Chapters were built, and with that character/s
I even built hatred and let it build up
I am a boulder of a builder, an architect and carpenter to all
I've built walls to keep the unwanted out
I call them building blocks
Built paper planes Boeing wanted a mock-up
I've built desks from ikea, I've built messes and ideas
I've deconstructed the past to build the future
Later, I'll build a life, a family
until building finally becomes an infinitely, finessed feature at its finest