Monday, November 4

I want to be a Wordsmith or a Will Smith

I woke up today thinking about how unfair and somewhat offensive that was, even if that was or was not your intention. I didn’t think so yesterday. Maybe today I’m feeling, as they would say, “some type of way.” Where it stemmed from, I don’t know. It doesn’t feel good waking up with a chip on your shoulder. Some questions hold more accusations and offense than straight, belligerent statements. Fcuk it. Today, I feel like cutting loose ends. Regardless, today will be a great day because I hung out with Tap. As of late, I’ve been praising her innately. Why is your name Taphobia anyway? No one is afraid of you Tap. Lol. Eminem never disappoints me. All I’ve been listening to is the leak of Marshall Mathers LP 2. Maybe that’s where all this lividness came from. I've always wanted to be an actor, still do. Shout out to Will Smith, Paul Giamatti, Phillip Seymore Hoffman, Tom Cruise, Meryl Streep, Dustin Hoffman, Jack Nicholson, Denzel Washington, Woody Allen, Jessica Chastain and many more I can't bare to mention. 

I want to work words like a wordsmith
I want people that interpret to propose purpose
I want a word to paint a thousand pictures
I want more than just science fiction
I want to scribble down a bunch bible scriptures
In holographic hieroglyphics for high Egyptians
Documenting my documents to idolize
Never idling eager ears and eagle eyes
In hindsight,
My lines might just be braille to your blind side
I hope your third eye read between lines when I dot I’s
My letters are final it’s never been a prototype
My overdrive on overwrite goes overtime overnight
I waged war over four pages or a paragraph for something poemlike
And a hemorrhaged pen is my weapon of choice, I bled on these sheets only marginally justified in ink
I swore I wanted swords for words
But my swearing sharp tongue performs
Neither nor is mightier than these worn felt tips I hoard
I’m just trying to get my ball point across as many life sentences
Defining my confinement of sentimental references
Like this melancholia and this effervescent is
My personality’s duality sparing no frugality ever effortless
I want my verbs to seem verbose
Up close my words to seem wordy up until my early thirties
I want to seem quirky and herky-jerky with the qwerty
You couldn’t limit these digits and there just isn’t
enough characters for this character
carrying a conversation through text messages
If my words blew up in my face,
What would be written all over it?
The right words enlighten the ignorant with
The light switch that goes off in a dimwit
Understanding the rhymes and the context I wrote it with
I want to work words like a wordsmith
I want people that interpret to propose purpose

Post Script: So I did a Top 5 Eminem's Recovery album songs in June 2010. Thought I'd do his new album since he's my favorite rapper for his latest album Marshall Mathers LP 2. I'll buy his album this time since I've got the leaked version.

Top 5 Marshall Mathers LP 2
1) Legacy
2) Rap God
3) Headlights
4) Monster
5) Bad Guy