Monday, August 26

Searching for Sugar Man

It's been a long time since this blog was created. I feel most loyal to this social network, although I don't blog as frequent. There's a certain relationship I share with the readers. They can attain my inner most thoughts, albeit I am not at all embarrassed. I want to take this time to thank you for your loyalty and for all the new followers, especially the recent few in/from other countries. I've spent some time tonight reading my old entries. Sometimes I'm a stranger to my own writings, even somewhat fascinated. Even though I've hidden behind  drafts, old files, and simple poems lately, I haven't forgotten about the novellas I owe or about the continuation and evolution of this blog. If you're patient with me, I may just intrigue us both. Most of what I've written, I still feel. I still feel, so don't forget about me just yet. Okay? I'm just feeling a little down right now, and maybe a little too honest. New works are in the making. I've just watched the best documentary I've ever seen "Searching for Sugar Man." Keep in mind I don't watch many documentaries, but I know this will retain its rank. Here's his first album via YouTube. He's even on tour this year, after being reincarnated in 1998. Maybe this will aid in the reincarnation of this blog.