Friday, July 19

3+2+6 = 3 A.M. Two Six-Liners

Thought I would do a quick-strike writing before I not getting sleep for my flight to California in the  morning. Don't know what else to say. It is 3 A.M. in the morning, and "I must be lonelier"- Matchbox Twenty. I love love just love sharing movies. Enjoy your time everyone; you never know...
Here are two six-liners-ish. If I don't make sense, which is the point, remember I begin to lose consciousness at this hour.

I Never?
"I never hurt enough?"
I never showed that I hurt enough
I never knew that I never showed that I hurt enough
I never felt so I never that knew that I never showed that I hurt enough?
I never was told so I never felt that I never knew that I never showed that I hurt enough
Now I know, and I heard enough

Nonsensical Musical
Sleeping patterns pitter patter
while I diddle daddle over parents that are fuddy duddy
eating fiddle faddle and this kiddo'll tattle if an ad-ult
lays on a little ladder, little later 
lots of ladies get together and gather bitter battles
writer then wrote riddle ravels

Sunday, July 14

Please Don't Stop the Rain

It's raining hard. Raining sounds like writing. So, I feel like writing, not about rain though. Hard rain means hard writing. Shout out to all the motherfcukers doing it, whatever it is. They know it was, is and always will be love here. Shout out for my boy Michael Vu for always hold it down like a fat kid on a see-saw, no pun intended, for fat kids that is. I was a fat kid, judge me later. Happy early birthday my dude.

I once wrote,
"Try righting anything valid is strong." So, I wanted to add a bit more to it so I created a poem out of it with 20 more since I was born on the 20th, of March that is. This one is called:

"Travis the Acronym"

Toddlers revive adults' vivacious infancy silliness
Teaching righteousness at very ignorant souls
Trivial responses agitate verbose intrinsic scholars
Trust reveals adequate vigor, indeed stature
Two resembling action verbs introduce synonyms
Truth reigns above any intuitive subconscious
Tasting rich art views ingests succulence
Time recollections account volacious instances savored
Tape recordings amplify voices in synchronization
Tonight readies alcohol vodka induced sleep
Taking risk actuates variable initiations swiftly
Turned reckless and violent impromptu situation
Twisted recommendations assume viral insane stories
Troublesome rebels acting vices inviting satire
The renegade's ability victimizes individuals' security
Turmoil reports activate vigilant incognito superheros
Trial releases also vindicates innocent soldiers
Tourist roaming as vagabond intercontinental seeker
Travelers revel air ventures into space
True remembrance actually verifies indicative significance

The last sentence should go on my tombstone

Here's another one for your pleasure:

The Commentary Documentary

If it works in the movies, shouldn't it work here
It's the real world here, people's worth gets worked here
Being hurt isn't heard or seen, it's felt
Felt tip pens run out of ink with sad scenes
But scripts aren't open for critical review
Films fortify fallacies, frequently for the folly fools
People ain't acting too reals (two reels) anymo'
15 minutes of fame only makes half of a show
just half interesting for half-not interested
Just for the record, is this recorded?
What happens when the cameras aren't rolling?
Memories aren't for the TiVo-ing
So what you're telling me is just for a scene
us victims aren't traumatized enough
our lives have to be dramatized enough
too small to go on the big screen
Well based on true stories aren't based enough
Actors don't practice enough
documentary aren't too revealing
because life isn't as appealing
No directors, no directions
No producers, no productions
but slow inductions and road constructions of
dysfunctional beginnings and unfinished endings
Like this poem.

Here's yet another one for your pleasure:

We Killed chivalry
We killed chivalry
with enough artillery.
We bear arms on our women
Put our arms on our women
Why not put arms "over" our women
Hold hands with our women
We called the cavalry
to not give compl"i"ments,
but for men, women compl"e"ment?
We lust without love
We cheat without trust
The consequence of not consoling is abandonment
but players move on to the next level. Men never played the game.
the more things change, the more they "didn't" stay the same
'cause courting and courtesy aren't for all the dames
We deny their hearts but not the innards of their yoga pants and
too masculine for moonlit dinners and bedroom dancing
Men of the dreaming only live there
because knights without shining armor are only nightmares
Relentlessly defensive with a tongue as a sword, quick to en garde
about missed time and mistress, quick to run off
Why do they stay when we always go?
Tell her you'll never leave, always finding solace in her soul
We slaughtered the thought of monogamy
or have a half-hearted relationship with no signs of apology
Our arguments fill calibers with enough ammunition of her insecurities
To women, your guns weren't necessarily a form of security
We lie over the slightest, instead of lying there united
under the sun with son because there isn't a such thing as an army of one
Staying faithful isn't an accomplishment,
it's a requirement
Meant for men without a one track mind
One life, one lady, one wife in one lifetimeToo much pride to be proud
She's too noble not to be crowned
Kings of countries might work for some
but Queens rule above all where I'm from,
We killed chivalry,
with enough artillery.

I started writing these at 12 P.M. when it was raining. It's not longer raining and 4 hours later. The creative juices were flowing today.

Post Script: For months I've been having these two sentences stored:
Paper planes never flew away.
Broken thoughts broke away.

I don't know what to do with it or where it's going, possibilities are endless. To pursue or to not pursue, that is the contemplation.

 They say I'm poor because I'm living out a dream, but living out of houses are overrated.

Thursday, July 11


It's almost mid July and I haven't gotten anything accomplished pertaining to my career. However, I've been on three vacations with one next week to Cali, started doing 12-hour shifts at my dad's restaurant, and a bunch of gaming and watching movies. C'est la vie. I don't know what to write anymore. I can keep hiding behind poem posts, but I don't want to write out directly what I feel. Usually, I don't even like to talk about myself much. I once wrote "sometimes I have episodes that turn into series made for a season." What part of the show is my life in, maybe the final season that nobody ever wanted? The one where I lose friends and grow up? At the moment, I feel less 24 than any of my peers. Seems like pushing people away comes easy and not trying becomes second nature. This is less of a depressing post than it is an observation. I feel love with music, movies, objects, and certain people. I'm just not expressing it like I used to. That's not right, at least to them! Find some gratitude why don't ya. If something changes and I man the fcuk up, I'll let you know, because you, blog, are my best friend as of lately. My post title is the way it is because I couldn't complete the second half of the word. Maybe you can fill it in for me. Love to those who keep up and even to those who don't.

Tuesday, July 9

What's Your Pleasure?

 Tonight I told myself I'd blog. Is it forced writing, maybe or maybe not. Just for tonight I'm feeling a little bit more artsy than yesterday or yesteryear. I'm trying to write more and get rid of some drafts. Every time I watch a Woody Allen movie, I learn a new but old part of the American culture. Plus, the fact that his work is so funny helps too. Did you know that comics were once heard over the radio? Crazy right? Here's to one draft completed, I think.

What's your pleasure?

What gets you off?
What sweeps you off of your feet or gets you on the balls of your feet?
Is it competitions, the composition of your feats?
Furthermore, maybe getting further from defeat.

What makes you feel good?
Is it Mister or Missis Feelgood?
Is it the other complex sex or having multiple sex with multiple sex?

What drives you crazy?
when that touch of adrenaline just rushes
adrenaline junkie, because the adrenaline just be
sending those pharmaceutical synonyms of not enough riddlin

What gets you up?
Like finding new women and
pursuing 'em
until you can mark your territory to tell a new story
Where do you go when it gets going?
Have you been bitten by the travel bug?
worldwide traveler, do you love to wander
or just have wanderlust?

How do you satisfy your needs?
Is it fashioning your outfit?
In your converse
and converse about
who is in and what they're in

What gets your riled up?
Is it the parties and clubs?
Music, alcohol and drugs
Then, you'll probably be above
the legal limit with your buzz

What makes your day?
Is it the money that you're making?
Is it your come ups and down payments,
paychecks and life savings?

What's your pleasure?
The kind of things I watch when no ones around:

If you think I watch these video and post them to be "different," you're dead wrong. I actually watch and enjoy these videos even if you don't. How can you not? I know I was born in the wrong decade, but maybe not so. If it were not for this decade, maybe I wouldn't have the privilege of seeing everything classic or modern.

Post Script: Sometimes (I'm actually referencing most of the time) black and white television has so much more color than this technicolor crap.

"Can I kick it? Yes you can." - A Tribe Called Quest

Could we please get it back
our desires because maybe Nate shouldn't be the only one with passion (passio(nate)
Backed with the past then Tory won't be the only one that knows his story (history)
It just makes sense to Pay Homage and Pay Attention, my 2 cents.
A wedding is far from my mind, but I want to write a bad ass wedding vow.