Wednesday, October 24

Undivided Attention

Guess what I found in one of my many documents folders? I poem I wrote for my math teacher in high school.

I use my tools, my apparatus
The use of mathematics
Subtraction to massive adding
A fraction of my math is
Pass down from another math wiz
With numbers she deciphers magic
But with equations instead of hat tricks
So she’s more like a math wizard
Her names is Ms. Ms. Williams
Teaches with such precision
Could be simple or long division
Two ways to approach a limit
But she doesn’t possess a limit,
On the contrary, she believes that we are limitless
In turn with her, a limit does not exist
And knowledge strength is what she provides us with
Increase our potential from the base to an exponential
Mathematically she’s absolutely radical
Daily positive attitude
Although I cause a mutiny in class too
From Algebra I to Advanced Math II
With such concern for us to learn
Teaches with such poise
That makes girls and boys
Unable to avoid to give her their cardioid
On our side in no time
Teaching sin and cosine
Cotangent and tangent
Understand as the best teacher on this planet
It would be irrational and obsurd
If you would diverge us from our work

And never disappoint to meet us at a midpoint
Where else would I rather learn hypotenuse, adjacent and opposite,
And still have an infinite student-teacher relationship
Who else could give your a project on curve of lemniscate
And still give you an A
Although it’s more than ten days late
I couldn’t calculate or approximate the number of things
That you’ve done for me
Supportive, assertive, and always comforting as company
Made our personal problems short lived like a derivative
Stuck beside me like a coefficient
Shared times and experiences
And Periods other than 4th period
You keep me in line like a directrix
geometric what other teacher would you rather text with
and learn about expressions like f(x)s
and college tips also prerequisite
Teaching is only one of your range of functions
Means more than something
When you’re teacher simplify and signifies you how to be a good person
There’s no question
You aid in my progression
Not only in mathematics but in Life long lessons