Friday, April 20

Don't Spoil the Movie by Adding Your Own Soundtrack

Films have an effect on you; films have an effect on me. List of films I've watched recently: Midnight in Paris, Greenberg, Happythankyoumoreplease, A Clockwork Orange, Hunger Games, Please Give and Crooklyn. I spend a substantial amount of time learning and appreciating the art in films. The emotions reflected can be subtle and pleasing or raw and uncomfortable. Sometimes I can be on the edge of my seat or in crouch peering between the web of my fingers. Being critical doesn't make you a critic. Watching hundreds of movies wouldn't make you a critic. Anyways, fcuk a critic. Bad movies teach you a lesson, and good movies teach you lesson. This is me sending gratitude to every movie I've seen and am going to see, be it a well written or not. Directors do it for me, scriptwriters do it for me, and actors/actresses do it for me. My heart breaks when your heart breaks. I want to celebrate when you're elated. Your works will always be dwell within me. This is my silent blog, the one I'm not going to put out there.

Post Script: Little by litte, I may be losing myself, but movies will always bring me back, back to the love. You are always with me, whether you know it or not.