Tuesday, January 17


Yesterday and today were big days for me. Wish I could elaborate more on it, but I have a huge ass splint on my right arm and have an index finger to type. Maybe I will when I get more mobility and feeling in it. Felt like writing for my new spoken word piece today but it's taking so long. I'll end up just using a voice recorder. Can't type much anymore so I'm just gonna paste a couple old pieces I found while writing in my document. Splint = Ctrl+V kind of post (as in paste for copy and paste). lol

I'm hurting and she's hurting more
But I don't know what I'm hurting for
She's hurting from her past and we're presently hurting
So how does this work, how do we work?
It doesn't, it wasn't anything pleasant
Any evidence of anything relevant
That comes into thought of who are when we are together
It's all overshadowed by what occurred prior to I
Who am I to judge but
her grudge is not against me just used as a precursor
Like I'm any worse, I'm not better but I am certainly not any worse
And no I'm not the first, but if nice guys finish last so I'll take a walk
Let's take a talk
She holds on her past like that is what makes her
The past is what makes me so I can't tell her differently
I proceed as she recedes

Progress is the process, so we digress
See that beautiful diaster, she's a work of art
But it doesn't work, it doesn't work
Every angle executable is as ineffective as the last
In perspective, if I am less than the complication I'm too simple
There is nothing to work for with worth
If everything is right, something is wrong
If something is right, everything else is wrong
Place and time do not coincide as they should
Timing is everything but it's all about location, location, location
However no one connects the two or tell you to
When all the factors align an opportunity presents,
In it's absence, you are left with chances, coincidences
Accompanied with low percentage and the rarest of lucks
I didn't mean for you to settle,
For me, for this, for much,
Higher pressure from lower trust
She doesn't feel good enough, and I can't convince her
Look what they've done to her, I wish I could fix her
I know all these facts and maybe that's why I'm hurting

What We Do
This is what we do.
We try to conform to something we're not, thinking it's a sacrifice for something we want
We give people the best of us
And once it's already been distributed,
We think it's already gone unconditionally
What we had is not better than what we can have, but we don't believe
We look at a sole factors: a scene, a moment, a setting, a revelation, a relation.
We keep ourselves from what we want and think it's better to have what's new
We hold on to what makes us miserable and kill what may take it away
We can't differentiate emotional from logical thought
And when we do, we try to correlate the two, thinking logical has emotional reason, vice versa
Give less chance on true bliss than a superficial emotional roller coaster
We rely on others for our own happiness
We see our problems worse than they are
We want what others have, or what we seem to lack
We see bliss in ignorance, pessimistic thought of anything good
We see others happier than ourselves
We let one in, but the wrong one
We are creatures of habit, same approach hoping for a different product
We live under false belief that's there this picture that we depict that will make us happy
We think being happy is objective by obtaining objects, people included
We give chances on rare feats instead of efficient comforts
We like to feel special by having the thing we want most, this figment of imaginary scene that never ends
We do what we do and that is how we do it

Post Script: My performance is February 2 at Loyola for LASO (Loyola Asian Student Organization). Shout out to them