Monday, December 12

Being Travis Tran

I, Travis Tran, am afraid and uninspired to write. Fear comes from the ability of any blog to alter my future. On the contrary, maybe it’s just the opposite with the realization of my writing’s ineffectiveness. Seems as if my organs are not my own anymore. Lack of inspiration comes from newly found indifference.

I was asked to blog, and I really couldn't settle with a topic. In my attempt to be as uninteresting as I can possibly be, I've decided to bullspit. I was originally going to write about movies I've watch or that have impacted me, but I want to lose followers with this one. lol. Here are 25 question and 25 statements unfiltered. You are now entering the mind of John Malkovich, just kidding. Being Travis Tran means:


1. I miss you.
2. I wonder what's so interesting about my writing that you're always reading it, honestly.
3. I’m always sleep deprived, makes the time more difficult to keep track of, especially when it comes to chronology.
4. Sometimes I feel like a chronic depressive, loosely stated.
5. If majority people saw my true self, they’d be scared, but somehow you’re intrigued.
6. I am not lying when I say sometimes I take shots, like a low-life, at certain individuals when I write. Forgive me.
7. When I go to my parents’ house late on Sundays, I wonder if my mother knows I didn’t go church yet.
8. One day, I have a feeling that I will be super religious, and walk around looking like some repented hypocrite.
9. I’m not afraid to die and have no one missing me.
10. One day, I will no longer interest you and I will be heartbroken.
11. I believe lives are movies, except no one is giving out Oscars because it’s not a competition.
12. Fcuk it, art for art sake and only for art sake.
13. I wonder what makes you think we don’t breathe the same air. You’re not better than any of us, so get over yourself dickface.
14. I might talk that shit, but I do wish you well.
15. I’ve learned that life becomes easier after a certain age because you’re no longer trying to one-over the next person, and your own life is of utmost importance.
16. Sometimes I wish well for my enemies more than my friends, maybe that’s why I feel like I’ll be religious one day.
17. Religion is important to my mother, therefore it is very vital to me.
18. I’ve got to finish my spoken word “Tears of My Mother” to send to Tap.
19. The trip this weekend will be a pivotal step for me.
20. Fcuk it I’m going to quit everything one day and just pursue acting for awhile.
21. Although I have a credible “job,” I haven’t decided my career yet because acting is all I can think about.
22. I may be considered very sociable, but have very little close friends because we’re all working on our own lives (movies).
23. One day, I’ll make drastic moves that will awe you because they come from my inner thoughts.
24. If and when I drink, then I suddenly attain a drinking problem.
25. I want to sign-up for boxing, a marathon, and ballet when the new year begins.

1. Why can’t people be humble with what they’ve got?
2. We’re always running back to each other, are we not?
3. Why can’t I remember moments like I used to?
4. Who am I aiming at when I type all of these you’s?
5. Don’t you just love it when I try to use proper grammar and huge vocabulary words and end up sounding like a jackass?
6. How long will it take me to fully forgive my father?
7. Is it desperate that I write to reach you?
8. Is it your insecurities that you have to post every aspect of you life on each and every social network available?
9. How many people would have a personality if it weren’t for the influence of what others are doing?
10. Where do all these emotions that come out of me come from?
11. Are you going to live up to your promise next year?
12. If you say that you’re miserable, why aren’t you leaving?
13. Am I a victim to a movie in the making?
14. Aren’t I supposed to be moving so, what’s up with that anyhow?
15. Is there anywhere to live besides New Orleans that I’ll somehow be content with?
16. Why am I afraid to leave everything behind, but say that I don’t care if I’m missed?
17. On a scale of 1-10, how bad is it that I keep certain things away from everyone?
18. Does anyone else know our secret?
19. Where are the sporadic moments when you need them?
20. Is it our common interests that interest me?
21. Do you know that I’ve let you go, more times than you know?
22. Did I make my 40 hours last week?
23. Do I honestly fear if all the pieces were put together and the truth were to arise?
24. Why does a part of me want to fight, leave, stay, love, abandon, sympathize, argue, and call you out all at the same time?
25. Why aren’t I writing my next novella instead?

Post Script: I hate when people quote someone else and don't use "quotation" marks, just to coin it off as their own original thought. GTF! =)

Sorry for the sucky blog. blah blah blaise.