Monday, November 7


What I like about writing? I think it's the simple fact that there's always something for someone to read. The response I get shows that nothing written goes wasted. It's suprising how people surprise you, not necessary with material, but with their interest. The aspect that I enjoy most is that some things that I write will only be understood by me, unless explained. I can go without the recognition. I never thought I'd blog, but here I am back at it. I've shut this site down quite a few times, hopefully without anyone knowing. Yes, I am aware of "some" of my grammatical error; I'm human so I err. When I have free-time, I try to test my memory and recall any or every significant moment of my life, loosely stated. It's an exercise to not forget my expedition, with or without company. Here's my next article in my Brave New Voices category:

I am your Defender

I am that swear, that promise, that explicit warning
eliciting interjections of misconstrued truths of you
Promising a “fcuk them” to the reluctant disbelievers

“I” am that vow, that pronoun, that pro-you
To protect your potential progress
Because if your heart opens and it is potent

I’m the park with the kites
The kid and her bike at 5
That horrible present picker who still acts like he’s 5

I’m that still water at the lake,
Sand on the bed, the restroom at the hotel
The night sky in July

I’m that late night convo
So late we had to order a breakfast combo
I’m that humor in a room without rumors or a room for just us

I’m that levity when gravity brings you down
That I’ll hold your crown
and let you know that it’s over now

I’m the spot on your mind, that eternal sunshine
That I know it’s late, but can you stay, just one time?
Just until sunrise?

I’m the belief in the surreal
The relief from the subpar
Succumbing to the sublime

I’m your best supporting actor to your Oscar nominations
The quirkiest of quotes amidst mixed emotions
Filling that missing feeling that you used to get from films

I am deliberate liberation
Escape from a world too mature and uncultured
The safe haven unaltered, not limited to iteration

Just for the record, I’m the vinyl to the phonograph, the collection
You’re the photograph that no one has, I’m collecting
The long playing moving pictures to the instilled recollections

I’m the secret, that secretion of sentiments to the surface
The unveiling of organs not played during orchestration
When hiding your heart regards its palpitations

I am all that is insecure, but I am and always will be your Defender

Writing can be a tool to fool others, but better yet to fool yourself.

"He used to say that artists use lies to tell the truth, while politicians use them to cover the truth up." - V for Vendetta