Monday, October 31

Today Versus Tomorrow

Personally, I'm still on a natural high from knocking a stipulation off of my bucket-list, the Half-Marathon. My apologizes if I'm babbling about it. Most people have teams and other sorts of aids in fulfilling, what they would call, personal feats. Much of my bucket-list requires independent ventures. Next is the marathon, maybe in March for my 23rd birthday. Sorry, I'm talking about myself way too much again. Waking up from a dream, I felt the need to post something. The dream, although unimportant, envisioned me attempting to get on solid ground (symbolic?). To make matters worse, someone fell upon me and I was on the edge slipping into an abyss. I woke up. -_- What did I get from this? Well, I'm so accustomed to worrying that even though nothing is wrong, I'm so used to it that I'll throw myself out of the frying pan into the fire. I seem to throw myself in and out of predicaments to see if I'll make it out alive. There's something about feeling on the edge. I sure did it this time, didn't I, Travis? Oh wells fargo. I used to want to get the most out of life, but now I just want to get life.

I started writing another piece yesterday. I got on the platform to depart with my train of thoughts. It was moving so fast that I just ran with it. Then, I hit a wall, lost all consciousness and reverted back to a time when I wrote this piece. Not a bad choice, but I couldn't, for the life of me, find my way back to the train station. I settled this time. You'll like the next one as much as this one. =P I'm pretty much positive that value isn't astronomical. You'll have to read the confusing sentences more than once for this one to fully appreciate. As always, Enjoy.

Today I’m laughing, today I’m smiling
Today I’m gasping, tomorrow I’m sighing
Today I’m helpful, tomorrow’s timid
Today I’m contextual, but I’m absentminded
Today I’m weeping, of dreams only for the sleeping
Today I’m flawed; tomorrow I’m perfect
Today I’ll apologize; tomorrow I’ll renege it
Today I’m hasty; tomorrow I’ll wait if
Today is for the taking at all
Yesterday was like today; tomorrow’s too late
Today is too early to be worrying about yesterday’s mistakes
I’m impatient today; I’m a patient today
I’ll discharge this charge of negativity until the doctor loses some patients (patience) today
I needed company today; misery was too busy
Then it’ll come the next, and I’ll be soon iffy
You know I'm relieved today,
Don't know if I need it, today, because today, in a way, I didn't believe in today
Tomorrow I’ll evolve; tomorrow I’m a hero
Tomorrow I’ll solve yesterday’s material
I erased today, and rewrote yesteryear
Everything I drew, I shook the etch a sketch and just left it there
Tomorrow I’ll be able forget today’s regrets
I’ve already beset everything that they’ve abet
I’m afraid today what tomorrow may bring
Because today I feel nothing short of every thing.
Every day is like today, and
Today was just another day that I wish I’d wish away

Post Script: I'm getting my movie game up, but slipping on my music game. I grew up too fast, and then again, I didn't. We miss a lot of things, but sometimes doing nothing about it feels so right!"This was a story about a girl who could find infinite beauty in anything, any little thing. And even love the person she was trapped with." - The Brothers Bloom

"I am an island of such great complexity."