Tuesday, September 13

Nice to Meet You Ms. Communication

*Attention* I'm glad that I have yours now in an attempt to write this filler before this City and Colour album ends. Due to lack of creative juices, especially in the Brave New Voices area, I was thinking on following up to the requested Trust Exercise post (http://justtravistran.blogspot.com/2010/10/trust.html.) This is one is also completely opinionated, and you're free to agree or disagree with my own ideology at your own will. Movie watching is still progressing with several, 7 or more, per week. I missed the last drive-in movie, but refuses to miss the next. If you're in the New Orleans area, this weekend brings upon many ventures that you may want to invest your time in. I.E. J. Cole and Burlesque concert at House of Blues, Circus du Soleli in the New Orleans Area, Is He Dead? at UNO, and Adams Family at the Mahalia Jackson Theater. You may want to make an attempt/effort to cultivate yourself a tad bit. Say classy New Orleans. Wish I could attend at least half, but only J. Cole seems within reach with the wedding in Atlantic City. Weddings are my favorite gathering/function anyways. Onto Bullspitting.

The best communication is of the unspoken kind, well the type that matters in any sort. It's optimal when two parties aren't talking that communication is best executed. Doesn't make any sense? Take the example of best friends. Best friends have an unexpressed understanding, creating this free space of independence. I think the previous sentence was a "stating the obvious" observation. Well with this free space, there is a very minute chance of people undergoing misunderstandings. If I don't talk to you for months or even years on in, does that make me less of a friend to you? Sorry, that was sort of a loaded question. However, the answer is no. Now-a-days if casual friends don't talk or the more modern form of communicating (tweet replying or facebook wall writing), then they're listed in the fake or shady friends criteria. If anything that I've learned is that people care in an array of ways, continuously or sporadically, in a very wide range. So, don't be so quick to point fingers for reasons of misplaced times. Some of my closes relations I talk to every other week,once a month, or even on a whenever I see you basis. They know where I'm at. A lot of people that I've parted ways with, for whatever the reason, we talk by just looking at one another. I'm sure you're familiar with those "fcuk I miss you, me, us, our relation ole fam/buddy/pal/ex-girlfriend." Who needs to say anything, huh? That's communication, when you sigh at the sight and gasp at grasp. If you've ever read my eye of the beholder, looking in someone's pupil could leave you room for your own speculations. People can be introverts, extroverts, or even a little bit of both, so be mindful. Friends of mine are so consistent that I disregard the familiarity and instead make memories with the exchange of words. By this time I am well aware of redundancy and uselessness. If I haven't gotten the point across, I'm saying that if someones need to talk to another every day to explain and understand one another, you need better communication. You don't know each other as well as you should, just yet. This meaning less use of the vocal chords and more leveling of the minds to becoming near in sync. Granted that in the beginning of every relationship there is pardon to reach a consensus. Let us be conscious of one another. Maybe I felt the need to write this to rationalize why I don't talk to those who were closest to me. Be aware that you are pretty close to me still, with or without the ventures and unspent free nights and weekend minutes. Maybe I wrote this to justify why I didn't wish you a happy birthday or any big event I should've been a part of but was apart from. And if we see each other, I'll know you're doing fine, and fcuk you know I miss you. With a closed mouth and dreary eyes, I'll always being missing you. Shout out to those I'm getting on this level with and will be continually be on that level with. Silent, but really I'm screaming out I like where we are. If we can metaphorically be "best friends," you with me for life love. Let us rewrite the definition of proper communication etiquette.

Post Script: My generation is missing, above all else, humility. I fcuking hate it.