Saturday, July 30

Keep the Art in Artsy

"There's a switch, I flip, emotions cut off." - Eminem. I was so angry when I found out I wasn't the right type. FCUK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just wanted to be a match! FML!!!

So this is a hiatus from taking an intermission. Lol. I still haven't put the thoughts to paper for the novella, and for that I am deeply sorry. The ideas are there without sufficient leisure time.

Here's a short audio/video update. I went to my first drive-in movie and watched one, what is now, of my favorite movies: Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb. It's black and white at that. Love black and white movies pre-technicolor. I hope they show more and more drive-in movies. It was an experience, but I'm not going to run-on. You should decide for yourself. Besides that movie I've been watching a few artsy movies and Martin Scorsece, well his more recent movies. What a brilliant director he is; I'm going to watch majority of his movies. Woody Allen's Midnight in Paris was AWESOME as well. Woody Allen is so much respected in Europe than here. His movies are very underrated. This post won't be a summary, it's just going to give you a heads up on what you should be paying attention to, opposed to just special effect-ed movies. By the way I watch Goodwill Hunting every time it's on. Very very very related.

Trying to keep this post short as possible so on to music. Norah Jones' - The featurings is at the top of my list right now. Her newest album is on heavy rotation at work. Top 5 songs out of 18, in no particular order: Turn Them with Sean Bones, Little Lou, Prophet Jack, Ugly John with Belle & Sebastian, Virginia Moon with The Foo Fighters, Life Is Better with Q-Tip, Here We Go Again with Ray Charles. In my opinion you should really give a listen if you like G.O.O.D music, Getting Out of Our Dreams coined by Kanye West. Somehow, Adele and Norah Jones never seem to fail me. I want to name my daughters after them. If you're into rap, Bad Meets Evil - Hell the Sequel is #nice. Black Keys' Brothers album is good. The band Late Night Alumni isn't bad if you like, said by a friend, elevator music. Lol. Just listening to Sara Bareilles' Kaleidoscope Hearts album. I'm awaiting Coldplay and Gym Class Heroes' newest albums.

That brings me to my next point. Someone asked me where I get the screen name JustTravis from. "So this is me at my most honest, no egos, no Gym Class status, just Travis. Love it or leave it, but you gotta admit on a scale of to awesome I'm the shit." - Gym Class Heroes. That's where I get it from. Since I heard that song I've been using it every since. I've been listening to Gym Class since Papercut Chronicles, have you? Random: Did you know that Katy Perry is talking about Travis McCoy from Gym Class Heroes in the song "Circle the Drain." Also, Travis says, "I used to used to use." in "Stereo Hearts."

I sort of find it distasteful when people don't do their research when it comes to movies/music. Where you on Lupe and his first album or when he was an underground artist? Nope. Where you on Gym Class when their raps were dark and more grim in Papercut Chronicles or when they're more playful songs came out in As Cruel as School Children? Nope. Did you know Harry Potter movies had mutliple directors? If you like hip-hop listen to Scarface's album The Fix instead of the new Lil' Wayne. Lil' Wayne is nice, but are you listening to him and his, "How to Love" because every one else is? I know he probably didn't write that like not writing "Prom Queen." Do your research and listen carefully to people if you really like them. Every one is only on what's new and "hot shit." Please know what you're listening to and if it's actually worth watching or listening to, instead of only following trends. Seems more and more likely for someone to say something is good, when pertaining to movies and music. It's pretty wack. Sorry for ranting. I really do like recommendations, but please make them worthwhile. I've past up quite a few concerts with good artists lately, but I'm keeping my promise and am only going to plays for now.

Post Script: I will be blogging more as it is my only social network and a good exercise to avoid an "if you don't use it you lose it" predicament.

I'm in this place, wish I could tell you all about it.