Wednesday, March 9


So, I've come to realize that I have only 3 Novellas left until it's complete. However, I haven't been able to write because of the fact that no single idea is deemed good enough or suitable, yet. It has to ultimately end, maybe even with a happy ending; I haven't decided yet. I'm not going to write or blog until I figure something out. Maybe going to WESTSIDE STORY on the 15th will help me with my ideas and endeavors. I'm super fcuking excited.

On another note, I've finished my first wood's project. I am highly satisfied with the results. That is what I spent my Mardi Gras doing, well for the most part. Baby Hunter kept me occupied as well. There isn't anything else I would've like to have done. Carpentry may be my next hobby, who knows. The ideas are there, it's just the learning and being passionate about it that has to make it work. I should've built a house instead. It feels better to build something for someone than to buy fun or gifts. Maybe, one day in the near future. I'm at work still taking off the clear coat with our acetone. LOL. I guess building or inventing things will take the place of writing, maybe. I just don't know what to do with what I built now. Kind of want to destroy it. The Cresent City Classic is coming up as well, and I'll be definitely be running in that, without a doubt.

My last few spoken word, two to be exact, have been diasterous. I'm getting so nervous on stage now. Fml. I can't figure if I'm losing it or if it's just the pieces I'm performing. I hope the passion isn't gone. Need to practice more because I literally died on stage on the last one, HORRIBLY, with the stammering and digressing, etc. I want to start sketching/drawing again. At one point, I was fairly decent at it, in my own opinion.

My sister's birthday is in two days. Must think of presents.

Until my next blog or novella.