Sunday, December 26

Fountain of Youth

I got to see her off today. She's only 7 and has already been forced to see more than I have to in 21 years. She carries around with her a pure heart and a pristine smile. However, her mother had her out of wedlock with a boy, less than a man, confined to a prison cell. So, she's tossed from relative's house to relative's house while her unstable mother cares for a newborn infant from a new, allegedly abusive boyfriend in another state. The formal sentences only unstated that conditions that she'll have to realize. I'm fcuking scared as shit for her. What happens when she need stability, who's going to be there for her? What about the extraneous people in her life who are going to make her life more difficult: bullies, immature boys, messy girls, asshole bosses, etc. If only we had the luxury of staying young and happy forever. Who's going to support her endeavors? I want to, just like everyone else, but how do I know she knows. The days when she's alone in a room contemplating life. I'm fcuking scared. Don't be mistaken that there are people that take care of her. But she's already been divvied this weak circumstances. The world is a grim place. They had a conversation about who's house she's going to stay at after school. Why? Of all of my nephews and nieces I fear for her the most, for when someone breaks her heart, when someone makes here feel like shit, when she doesn't feel good enough, and/or when she wants to be someone else. Fcuk you to whoever hurts her in the future. She's fcuking 7, and she wants to be wanted. What stability do you expect her to have? So, this Christmas I kept her, along the other kids, company as for as long as I could. She kicked my ass in fruit ninja, and I beat her in vegsamurai. A:"I beat your score Travis!!" Me: "I know, you got lucky girlie." When she left she had a look of sadness; I wanted to cry. I am crying now. For the holidays I always distribute my time to the kids, that's all I ever need. It'd be uncomfortable to have a girlfriend around this time of year. So this one goes out to Hunter, Liem, Trenton, Hudson (my favorite), Quyen, Noah, Brianna, Maxwell, and Ariana. Hunter likes to when you bounce him on the floor like it's a spacewalk. Liem has cheeks that go down further than his chin. Lol. Trenton can hear wrapping paper when you open candy. Hudson is getting so big and smart; he's moved on from Thomas the train to Legos and the DSi. Quyen loves to play wrestle. Noah is nice but spoiled a bit. Brianna plays around like a dude and is killer on the hotel dash game. Maxwell like it when you wave in his face like a fan. Ariana will play the iPod touch for hours with you and watch Taylor Swift videos as we sing. Two more are on their way. We're going to share a new niece or nephew soon NIKKIE. So, God bless their lives, and may they be fortunate to not observe the shortcomings and tragedies of life. Let me know who I have to kill if they dare harm you in any fashion. I'm fcuking scared for them and her, especially. God grant us serenity and stability.

What I love about writing is that there is always something for someone, no matter the subject matter. Someone appreciates it. Motion picture blog coming up next Jennifer.