Saturday, July 24

Only Time Can Tell

Has anyone seen my watch?
I’ve seem to have misplaced it
It has 1 face, 2 hands, a bezel, a case, a band, a crown, and 12 numbers
It’s just like any other ordinary secondhand watch without a second hand
It stops for no man, not even for me
I can stall it, the batteries can run out, but eventually I’d have to synchronize it
So I’m trying to find the time before it runs out or at least in a timely manner, since everyone is trying to kill it
This doohickey of a gizmo to simply tell time indefinitely means a lot to me
Do you know how difficult it is to buy time, especially to spend on quality timepieces?
Beginning dialogs about this analog
You would think it was a cocoon, how I’m check-in time and to see if it would fly
They say, “I’ll find time, in due time. Just watch.”
But it’s not just a watch, nor a swatch; it shows me what I’m losing, always honest to me
Am I wasting time searching for a time teller?
Now it seems as if the new pastime is searching for past time
I guess what I’m trying to say is that:
“I am in search of lost time”

“Even a broken clocks right two times a day” Jay-Z

Thursday, July 22

It's Been Awhile (Edited)

I appreciate our drunken Thursday texts, three weeks and going. Here is another lazy blog, trying to meet my 4 blogs a month quota. A piece that I finished after I performed it. Inspired by the lives of two, the edited version.

I think I'm becoming more comfortable publishing some of my works. I'm probably just ready to let them go; holding onto these are like holding onto people. So here's "It's Been Awhile."

It's been awhile since we've last spoke,
Since you've listened to my last bad joke,
Been awhile since I've tried hard enough to tell bad jokes
I mean I'm funny ain't I, at least I try to be,
I don't care that she pretends to laugh,
The fact that she lies doesn't bother me,
I mean I don't really care for the sound of laughter,
Just wanna see her smile hold its position for a few second more
As she chuckles is what I'm after
But it's been awhile

It's been awhile since I've seen her,
What's worse is she doesn't even know she's pretty,
Wouldn't believe it you if you told her,
You could sing it in a song, or text message her in bold words
You could waste 160 characters, all your free weekend minutes,
A filled voice message system, e-mails, postcards, mails without the E
All the letters, words, and verbs trying to convince her
The Pope could tell her she's pretty and she would swear that he's a sinner
But it's been awhile since she's been told that

It's been awhile since I've asked her about herself,
What she really likes, things that she prefers,
Favorite song, color, number, hobbies,
What turns her on, what gets on her nerves
I'm not sure that I even know her, so maybe it hasn't been just awhile
All I know is she's cool, calm, collective, honest and modest
If you put her in a situation she would have a guilty conscience,

The only thing I know that she doesn't, is that she's fragile
So handle with care please, when you get your hands on her
You can make her cry, treat her bad, as long as you don't damage her

It’s been awhile since she’s held on
To anything worth holding on to
She severs this and whatevers that
Pushes to pull away, she is left the way she was left
That’s not right,
So if you are and if you can, do so accordingly
Because it’s been awhile since one has given her a fraction of what is due

It’s been awhile since she’s done anything for herself
Everyone heads the list that she is second on
And I reckon one shouldn’t be cumbersome
Or anything less than number one
It’s been awhile since she’s won

For her, it should NEVER be awhile, it should always be assured
Because she has been through some things, and she doesn’t know her worth
Anyone should offer you forever and a day
Sorry that it has to be awhile, even seconds in a day.

I'm watching videos of your story online so that I can further my understanding more than it already is.

Tuesday, July 20

All for one, 5 for all

All for one blog, 5 subjects for all to read

I couldn't quit. So in return for going back on my word, I've decided to do 5 blogs in one. This is for you Nikkie, since you got on when I thought I quit. It's also for my avid readers like Tammy, Tu-Vy, Jackie, Nancy, Tap, Christy, Susan, etc. Y'all ROCK!

Writing Wrongs: Close to You

After literally 9 states, 2000+ miles, 30+ hours of driving in the past 3 1/2 days, I'm where I want to be, not home but not too far away at least for now. Got an audition Sunday, am going to sign up for the run, and figured out the present, which present though? Huh?

Brave New Voices: Kickin' Punchlines for My Sassy Girl

Thought of some things during the continuous driving. Thought of little clever remarks that I wouldn't say because it would be too corny, even by my standards. At least I enjoy thinking them up and reading them. These thoughts are genuinely from me, which I am true to.

It's always something, it's never nothing. Spend some time, spend some money, lend me your mind, and I'll spare you mines. Run through my thoughts and I'll jog your memory, and pick my brain like guitar strings. That will be the beginning of our wedding band.
You'll give me your two cents, and I'll use 5 to make cents of it all; then we'll be sensible.
Show me your scars, and I'll be your neosporin, stitches, mederma, foundation, and concealer.
I'll eat candy prior, just for your warm whispers of little sweet nothings.
I'll bring you to life, but be the death of you. Then I'll rest a few and wait for you peacefully. I'll be the beginning of the end, like the first chapter in Revelations.
Through postpartum, postmortem, post-graduation, post-martial, postcards for each stepping stone you hoped for. Oh, what a beautiful sight to watch.
Limitless Calculus, undisectable Biology, in broken English only Chemistry.
We'll have that alphabet love, no consonances just wedding vows, particularly "U" and "I." I would replace "I" for "U" in my life, so it would spell out my lufe, if that's how it's got to be.
Try righting anything valid is strong, just use lyrics in entries. *That was pretty clever. Lol.*
Picture perfect and my eyes are the camera. She is the Panorama. God as the artist, her body, the canvas. I want to romance her, with flowers and candles.
You'll be the compilation of the ninja turtle artists. So that means you're equal to sixteen Sistine Chapels, seventeen School of Athens, eleven Last Suppers, and many Madonnas. We're all just slaves to the masterpiece.
We can converse about asic things adidas a kid.
We'd be in a complimentary circle, your red to my green, your yellow to my violet, etc.
I'll help you through the hard times, those straight to the heart times. All the way from the vena cava to the aorta. Through all of your lives, the whole nine.
I want to light up your world, we can paint the city, if you spark my interest.
And you'd be happy as the people at the cross-section of St. Ann and Bourbon Street.

Tracklisting: People are songs: A person, a song

GG: Funny Story

Yesterday while driving, my low gas light came on. There were no streetlights on the interstate, and I tried 3 gas station on two exits, all closed and horror-filmed looking. Finally after about 20 miles and almost on empty, I found a Texaco. Thinking, "What a relief?" I encountered the gay cashier. I say "the" gay cashier and not "a" gay cashier because he was "the" only one in the store besides myself. So my original prayer changed from please let me find a gas station to please let me die first if he wants to rape me in the middle of no where. However, I payed for the gas and left, rapefree, fuelfilled, and blessed. God is good.

Bullspitting: Nasty but I lamely thought it up. -_-

If our course was on the interstate, would our state be on intercourse?

Sunday, July 11

Sweetest Goodbye

I am about to quit blogging. I'm still going to write but I'm taking a break from blogging. I just hope that I have written something worth anything for anyone reading. There are things that are going on that I haven't told anyone but my cousins Minh-Kha, Jonathan, and one other person. I spoke with you yesterday. I haven't spoken to you in 2 years and a year before that. Nothing ever hurt like you. Felt awkward at first, you've gotten me through this situation before, so I tired to stick to the formula. Surprised I still remembered your phone number. Thank you for being a good friend. I've put a hold on studying for optometry school. It pretty much blows. I've already given up basketball. I'm booking a one-way flight to Indianapolis, and I don't know if/when I'll be back. I'll see how it is there and if I do well there. If not, I'll possibly be in Canada or New Jersey by October. I guess I've learned that I am fearlessly mobile. I'm not telling anyone besides a close few, those stated earlier, and the people reading this blog. I'm sure people may find out eventually through a cascading effect of talking. I'll ask one favor of you all reading. Please do not tell anyone what I'm doing and where I'm going. I've already spoken to the ones I want to know. It's through my utmost faithfulness and sincerity that I tell you all. We had a good run, didn't we? I wish you and yours nothing but happiness. If ever I find myself back to you and this city, I'll be ready this time around, bulletproof.

Friday, July 9

If you asked me, I'm ready

It began in my freshman year of college. So that means that it has been with me for four years, this ongoing predicament. It reoccurred last September. However, being in school made it easy for us to postpone this event. I wanted it to happen, but it didn't, because I wasn't ready yet. Now I'm left without an excuse and semi-willing, but I'll do it if she wants to. Under each of our own circumstances we couldn't, as much as she wanted to and as much as I was willing to support her unconditionally it did not happen. It was just an offer left on the table next to the pile of unopened mail being used as a coaster. This time it's serious. I can hear it in the tone of our conversations. I've never asked why; I've always just gone along with it hoping it'll get better. It was so innate how I approached it this time, with a simple response as "That's fine." Her question, "Do you want to move with me to Canada?" The last offer was California, and the first offer was anywhere but here. We never had a plan or a backbone. Now her work place is stationed there and I'm done with school, creating a backbone. If you lead, I'll follow. I'll go with you mom, as long as you'll have me.