Sunday, April 18

Jamie Foxx - Winner

Pretty good weekend. Took my senior comps early saturday morning. That is another step closer to graduating, alongside one week left of schooling. Then, played in the LSU-VSA tournament the last two days, shout-outs to Tap Bui and Phillip. Our team went to the final 4 with loss to the team who took it all,shout out to them. Lastly, bar-b-que at Kiet's house and now watching NBA playoffs. Go Trailblazers tonight, but Jazz overall. Skipping school tomorrow after a "pretty good weekend?" Hell yes. GG

Saturday, April 10

Oldies but Goodies sung by Frank Sinatra

I know not all of these songs were originally by Frank Sinatra, but he's got that voice that's easy on the ears for an avid listener.