Saturday, February 27

Songs are like People

I’ve just watched the highly recommended movie 500 Days of Summer. It was great movie, especially because of Zooey Deschanel character. She’s oddly hot. The songs throughout the movie were the shit yo. So I decided to write a blog about the songs that you stumble upon and eventually fall in love with, especially the ones in movies at memorable scenes.

Can you love a song that you can only listened to ONCE? Not because you have to, but because you want to. Because you know that if you attain it, legally or illegally, you might have the urge to play it over and over. And when that happens it gets thrown into the pile of the overly played out, forgotten tracks. So you solely enjoy it for its duration, in fear that you might love it less. The second time you’ve played it won’t do it justice because you might break it down and find reasons to dislike it. You won’t bother to find the song title or artist because that is already going to far. If you put it on your iPod, you might commercialize it. One person takes your iPod and stumbles upon that song and bam, recommends it to everyone else. When everyone discovers it, it is no longer special or designated for just you. Eventually, you’ll forget what the song was about and its overall tone. I’m sure you are going to try to backtrack to get the details on that song, but it is less risky not to know. Just know that at one point you’ve loved a song that you now know nothing about, every second of it.

Friday, February 26

DJ Premier

"The more space I get the better I write. Never I write, but if ever I write, I need the space to say whatever I like" - Jay-Z

I am not one to blog; however, I am one to write. Someone else has already written about the subject you seek to write about; so why write for everyone to see? Blogging is just that, reiterating recycled thoughts to be circulated. The feelings that you abhor are not new, original, or even go beyond the extremities. It is all differently worded text with similar contents. I could go on about the reasons why not to write, but am I not writing? So I'd thought I'd give this a shot because my friend said she's been doing it a lot and she's cool. Just know that in my attempt to blog, I'm probably feeling the pressure to make it sound as interesting as possible, filled with useless clique and idioms about peculiar subjects with my own skew on it. So this is my first blog and it is already utterly ridiculous, completely useless, and unoriginal. Maybe, just maybe, this could be my knack and my forthcoming success. SIKE! Furthermore, I have a poetry reading to do tonight for TUVA. FML. Oh yea, and let the blogging begin.

"All I have in this world is my balls and my word and I don't break them for no one." - Tony Montana